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An Installation using Bread and Honey
Megan Hurst, owner of Great Harvest Company and Elsabe Dixon,
Bread Wall - a hexagon framed installation, 2018
Mise En Place - Hexagon Installation with Beeswax and Aluminum, 10 feet by 10 feet by 10 inches deep.
Great Harvest staff participating in "Mise En Place": From Left to Right: Jeferson Tabuga, Ashley Viney, - , Fah Buachart Ying
Food Wraps made from cotton and Beeswax during a workshop.
Susanna Lee, staff member at VisArt Art Center in Rockville finishing up her Food Wrap before workshop attendees arrive.
Agricultural Planting Station provided to workshop participants. Planting wheat seeds provided by the Great Harvest Bread Company.
Workshop participants showing off their food wraps and their bread processed during the workshop.
Workshop participants create a bread installation by stepping on wonder bread and leaving their shoe sole imprints on the bread. Bread is then hung on the wall with a nail.
Gifts prepared for the pollinator panel discussion at the Beall Dawson Museum, Rockville, MD
Gift Food Wraps printed and made by the artist for sale in the Beall Dawson Museum Gift Shop. Proceeds go toward the Montgomery County Bee Association, MD.
Contributions for the installation by the artists own apiary.
A Wheat Garden was installed at Beall Dawson Museum and Garden site using Bakers Honey Buckets provided by the Great Harvest Bread Company
Wheat Seeds were harvested and used during the workshops given at VisArts Art Center.
Seeds for the project donated by Great Harvest Bread Company.
Beall Dawson Museum Garden provided ample food for all local bees working in a two mile radius of the VisArt Art Center.
Pollinator Panel Discussion Flyer designed by Susanna Lee.
Panel Participants
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