My experience as sericulture practitioner, teacher, curator and artist has enabled me to construct discussion platforms by planning, developing, and implementing projects from inception through completion pertaining to topics of relevance. I currently teach at George Mason University in VA and also work for the Glenstone Museum, MD. I am currently a member of the Floating Lab Collective. Floating Lab has recently completed a project in Pot-au-Prince Haiti and installed work for the Ghetto Biennial.I will be completing a five month residency program at Artisphere Art Center in Rosslyn, VA. from September 2014 - February 2015.

The Artist In Residency (A.I.R) entitled LIVE/LIFE will show an insect life cycle as an ephemeral gesture throughout a five month period. A simple gesture of revealing the life-cycle of insects (in particular the domesticated silkworm or Bombyx Mori) will allow visitors to the art center to “observe (and interact with) nature, inside a gallery setting”. The insects used for this project are silkworms, the only domesticated insect in the world. The silk worms are familiar with - and even rely on - human interaction. These insects are not behind vitrines and there are no barriers between the insects and the audience. Those visiting the A.I.R gallery can get as close to, or as far away from, the insects as they feel they want to. Through the interaction of people, insects, and a particular scene/live installation environment, those who come through the gallery doors could experience the renewed understanding of their personal expectations and associations with things inside that should be outside. The idea is to create a dynamic interpretation of LIFE CYCLE, which produces an activated live gallery space of simultaneous and collective sensory reception, while inspiring multi- disciplinary connectivity.