Projected Started in the teaching hives of George Mason University
Creating Partnerships with local beekeepers along the 29th Corridor, VA
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Dadant provided hives for exhibition and helped connect us to the local beekeeping community.
Lance Hardcastle installing his Living Hive form
Stephanie Lessard Pilon at the Smithsonian Mason School of Conservation
German Perilla (GMU Bee Initiatives Program) and Elsabé Dixon
Debora McLeod, Collaborating Curator for " A Consideration of Bees, " a pre-showing of the Living Hive parts in Charlottesville Virginia, Summer 2016.
Elsabé Dixon and Stepanie Lessard-Pilon
Bee Foraging Fields at the Smithsonian Mason School of Conservation
Roger Williams, (Former President of the CMBA) Collaborating Culpeper Apiary.
Mike Rogers, President of the Pitsylvania Beekeepers Association, Collaborating Apiary.
Roger Williams, Collaborating Culpeper, VA Beekeeper
Liouse Edsall, Collaborating GMU beekeeper.
Patsi New, Collaborating Beekeeper, VA
Lance Hardcastle, Collaborating (and Youngest ) Beekeeper.
Rusty and Betsy East, Collaborating Chatham Beekeepers from Mill Mountain Farm, VA
Jade Garrett, Living Hive Partner and Director of the MIX at George Mason University.
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