Artisphere Log:#Week 5

Dear Casey (A Letter written on Sunday reporting back on reactions to Plastic PURGE series; a collaboration between Elsabe Dixon and Casey Magrys)


People were intrigued by the "Purges"(or my word for them: "plastic oopsies)". The environment these created reflect a wonderful Trompe-l’oeil – resembling many different surfaces from oozing oil to wire coils, wet intestines and more... And all the while they are strange aberrations, the results of industrial “mistakes” during the production process of a plastic injection mold company.


We had long conversations about industrially made products, useful things and then these... un-useful things... Pretty much as un-useful as a 5000 year old agricultural system producing a product that seems irrelevant in the wake of new imitation fabrics and mass produced silk-like materials in a post industrial world.

I have personally loved this juxtaposition.

Oh, and I put some moths down in the display. We need to make a film....

"First we put the male moths all over and let them sit very quietly - and we wait - nothing - and then we put in one female moth and... All the male moths turn into Whirling Dervishes!!!"

(I do not know what this has to do with the lovely connection between the PURGES and the sericulture but it certainly will look interesting in the midst of these plastic "PURGES" and the tricky sensory landscape they make).

Erwin Tamm is coming out on Thursday evening, we can ask him to shoot a film on top of the photographic stills? We can call it the Loubser and Magrys  "Way Things Go"! (LOL) Loubser is my maiden name.

It remains interesting also, that during metamorphoses from feeder to spinner, the way silk fluid is ejected through the mouth of a silkworm, is similar to how an industrial plant’s equipment ejects plastic fluid into molds. As the silk fluid sets when it comes into contact with air, so too, the plastic hardens when it cools.

We will see what happens.